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Most women, of course, do not need to be told that affairs are a bad thing.But nevertheless, Symonds has turned her experiences into a controversial new book - Having An Affair?Why, for example, does Symonds offer this advice on preparing a romantic evening meal for mistresses lacking in culinary skills: "Aim to practise some extra special sexual techniques in the bedroom afterwards.

She may have been whisked around the world, wined and dined in romantic hotels and showered with gifts over the past few years, but at 37, Sarah is single and childless, and has virtually given up on finding a husband.Sarah Symonds, former mistress and author of the controversial says the signs that you’re dating a married man are usually painfully obvious. She wrote the book "Having an Affair" and is herself having an affair with Gordon Ramsay, the world famous chef.From the outside, then, Having An Affair looks like quite a lucrative business for - aptly enough - a woman who is a former sales and marketing executive. When we meet, Symonds insists that far from advocating affairs with married men, she wants to encourage mistresses to get out of the illicit relationships they have become embroiled in."I'm tired of seeing fabulous women waste themselves on affairs with cheating, insincere, cowardly losers," she says. And from her own point of view, she is certain she will never again play the role of mistress following the end of what, she says, was her final affair last year."I am reformed," she says, and adds that writing about her reformation has been the most empowering thing she has ever done.

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Just hours earlier he had sent lover Symonds to London's Soho to buy the sex drug amyl nitrate.

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