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Have you had any crazy "I don't know what I'm doing" jobs before?first premiered, but all these years later, the hit teen drama is somehow just as relevant as it once was. Gossip Girl knew everyone's secrets, so now, it's time for a little payback. Sometimes people will say something to me like, "You're actually funny! CC: I've never even come close to meeting someone that high-maintenance! CC: I'm 24 [and] in New York City, so I'm not exactly coming home every night plucking the violin strings. CC: Well, my grandparents tell me, "You have such a great apartment. [Laughs.] Really, I'm pretty laid-back, always cracking jokes. So have you ever dated a girl as high-maintenance as Blair Waldorf? GLAMOUR: Ever worry about what you'll do if the show's success fizzles out? Thanks."GLAMOUR: You're going to be filming the remake of Footloose. She told Carrie Underwood says dating Gossip Girl’s Chace Crawford back in 2008 was definitely one of the biggest mistakes she ever made in the romance department.“In my heart, I knew it wasn’t right,” she told UK’s NOW Magazine. I feel like it was more of a publicity stunt.” [From In Touch, print edition, May 28, 2012] I looked up what Carrie said about the relationship at the time, and she admitted that they broke up over text message.

"It would have to be really right, and really specific, and with TV and the golden age of the TV streaming service, maybe an eight-episode season...Are you curious about what secrets that even the biggest fan wouldn't know, so get ready to have your mind blown. Serena and Blair were definitely frenemies, but their relationship veered much more towards the "friends" side than "enemies." As it turns out, the same did not apply to Lively and Meester, who kept their relationship strictly professional.In an interview with However, even though Lively and Meester weren't close, there was no bad blood between them. It was cool," said Michelle Trachtenberg, who played sh*t-starter Georgina Sparks from Seasons 2 to 6., Westwick and Crawford decided to live together in Chelsea, a popular neighborhood in New York."I would be open to [playing other superheroes] – it's so popular – but I think in our contract we can't.We're not really allowed to do anything if we're still doing the show, but we'll see in the future. has come to a close, but they're doing their own streaming shows and hopefully now that I've tapped into the comic book world, hopefully we can have a cult audience within that world.

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It would be cool."Fingers crossed the series returns.

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