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It has now been 6 months now and the couple has been trying to negotiate a settlement for the divorce.There has been no resolution on that front and the split agreement has been difficult to be reached."My kid’s so fiercely independent because he is right here all the time [points to her heart].He’s so great," she told , revealing that she hopes Bear "sees that Mommy's passionate about life, and maybe that will inspire him to find his passion in life and live it to the fullest." Beyond her career, one of those passions is most notably is that she is an outspoken vegan, according to , she realizes that parenting requires you to be a bit flexibility at times.

"When he is with other kids who are eating regular pizza — if there's no vegan pizza, I want him to have the pizza," she told .

She had debuted in the film Crush in 1993 and had won an award for this role in 1994.

She has done music videos and TV series and was part of the big-budget film called Batman and Robin where she played Batgirl.

As many parents (and people everywhere) can understand, relationships don't always work out and it's sometimes best for everyone involved for them to end.

Though, as Silverstone expressed, you never anticipate you'll divorce the person you marry, it's always nice to see when couples are able to make things work and, most importantly, find happiness as they move forward.

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Chris Jarecki and the divorce papers have been filed.

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