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James also hired a personal trainer who works with him three times a week.

Late night host James Corden has the best answer if his children ever ask him about gay relationships.

For a comic like James who doesn’t take himself too seriously, it is only normal for him to have some gaffes here and there that may lead to some insinuations.

In 2007, James Corden co-starred in his own series, the BBC sitcom .

At inception, he signed a three-year deal to make £1.5 million ( million) for the first year Due to rave reviews for his performance, in August 2015, he was offered a further two-year extension, stretching the contract all the way to 2020.

The extension means he gets to earn another £3 million (around .9 million) for hosting the show.

If any of his children ever ask, though, he has the perfect answer.

‘I would know what those answers were, which is that these are simply two men that really love each other in the same way I love Mummy and Grandma loves Grandad and that’s it.’ That’s a perfect answer.

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