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One of the tenets behind the scientific method is that any scientific hypothesis and resultant experimental design must be inherently falsifiable.

Although falsifiability is not universally accepted, it is still the foundation of the majority of scientific experiments.

According to Popper, many branches of applied science, especially social science, are not truly scientific because they have no potential for falsification.

Anthropology and sociology, for example, often use case studies to observe people in their natural environment without actually testing any specific hypotheses or theories.

It is only the minimum trait required of a claim that allows it to be engaged with in a scientific manner – a dividing line between what is considered science and what isn’t.

Another important point is that falsifiability is not any claim that has yet to be proven true.

Popper saw falsifiability as a black and white definition; that if a theory is falsifiable, it is scientific, and if not, then it is unscientific.

Whilst some "pure" sciences do adhere to this strict criterion, many fall somewhere between the two extremes, with pseudo-sciences falling at the extreme end of being unfalsifiable.

Scientists design experiments and try to obtain results verifying or disproving a hypothesis, but philosophers are interested in understanding what factors determine the validity of scientific endeavors in the first place.Importantly, falsifiability doesn’t mean that there are currently arguments against a theory, only that it is possible to imagine some kind of argument which would invalidate it.Falsifiability says nothing about an argument's inherent validity or correctness.Some statements are logically falsifiable but not practically falsifiable – consider the famous example of “it will rain at this location in a million years' time.” You could absolutely of a way to test this claim, but carrying it out is a different story.Thus, falsifiability is not a simple black and white matter.

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We can even guide this process by asking questions and by systematically looking for answers in the world around us. Knowledge is not something that simply fills the bucket of our mind.

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