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The leecher pack contains the following mods: -u Torrent - The mod, has all feautures below except multi -u Torrent Serenity x2- Has only multi x2 (and DHT-patch) -u Torrent Serenity x4- Has only multi x4 (and DHT-patch) -u Torrent Serenity x8- Has only multi x8 (and DHT-patch) DHT-Patch: Ignores the private flag, so DHT and Peer Exchange is enabled for ANY new torrent. *_*) -No Report: Your upload and download aren't reported to the tracker.(allways reported as zero) *So you don't have to worry about your ratings and fake stats.-Multi x2 x4 x8: Your upload is reported to tracker 2x,4x,8x times bigger than it really is.-Removed adware installation of nasty toolbars etc for u Torrent setup. I have been using this same computer to download torrents for years and haven't changed any settings that I know of. I've used u Torrent for years and I don't think a stalled message even exists because it just fuckin works. There SHOULD be SOME ppl to get a connection with here. Try enabling DHT PEX in the settings & adding more trackers to the torrents in question.This is one step in the preparations we’re making for Bit Torrent Chat, which will rely on the DHT and benefits from having a DHT that’s harder to eavesdrop and scrape.

(No entry in the snatchlist) *And yes it is really not reported, not like in other mods, here it just doesn't send anything to tracker when you complete a torrent.

Up until 5 years ago or so, was running just another DHT node, just like the one in µTorrent. Since the default routing table size is 8 nodes per bucket, half of all requests to the bootstrap would get the same 8 nodes handed back to it.

At several thousand requests per second, this would effectively DDo S any poor node that happened to end up in its routing table.

We rewrote the bootstrap server to have a flat array of nodes instead and to have two cursors, one for reading and one for writing new nodes into it.

Every node that pings the bootstrap server is put in a queue and pulled out 15 minutes later to be pinged.

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