Updating psp to 3 52

you should now have 3.52M33-4 feel free to ask me questions, if anything wasn't clear enough for ya.

I have a PSP I bought with 1.5 FW about 3 years ago. I bought a game the other day and I want to play it, but I can't upgrade the FW for some reason.

when it is done, youll hafta manually reboot your psp.

now that you have 3.52M33, update it to the latest patch of 3.52M33, which is 3.52M33-4(the most stable one) here it is; put it in your game150 folder in your psp and run it.

Hey all, found an old PSP 1000 with 3.52 M33 on it. If I remember this version disabled the updater so I get the PSP Error Code (DADADADA) Many thanks in advance :-)Looks like the easiest way is using Hellcat's Recovery Flasher (Source 1 & Source 2).

i already have the 3.52 m33 update ready just looking for help 1st, you will need the official 1.50 and 3.52 sony eboots.

Note for those of you who have downloaded (but not installed yet) firmware 3.61/3.63, or anything above 3.60: you can allegedly delete it from the bubble at the corner of your PS Vita.

Then reboot and you should be good to start this tutorial.

Thanks, I actually ended up deviating from the above slightly.

Here's what I did for anyone else facing the same issue.

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