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We will now receive updates for Microsoft Office through the usual update mechanisms for Windows.

For this reason, Click-to-Run Office users may have to wait additional time to receive security updates.

But in each of these versions of Windows, Microsoft Update continues to be an optional component, as illustrated in the following screen shots for Windows 7, 8.1, and 10.

Once this dialog is accepted, we can now see that Microsoft Update has been installed.

For the past dozen years or so, when a Windows machine completed running Microsoft Update, you could be pretty sure that Microsoft Office was up to date.

As a CERT vulnerability analyst, my standard process on a Microsoft patch Tuesday was to restore my virtual machine snapshots, run Microsoft Update, and then consider that machine to have fully patched Microsoft software.

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I used to go to this link Office Page for 2011 to get the updates, but it appears that it has changed to just a place to buy Office.

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