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Once you have created your Facebook story, click on the sticker icon – it’s the one that looks like a folded smiley face. You’ll then follow the above steps of selecting the song and the portion you’d like to use in your story.

When you’re done, feel free to add any other stickers you like. This button will ensure you send it to your Facebook story, where it is live for 24 hours, instead of your profile.

If you’re already using stickers in your Facebook stories, you’re in luck – a simple sticker is all you need to add music to your Facebook story!

These are the five simple steps to add music to your Facebook stories.

But, instead of the songs playing automatically, your friends can click on the song to hear a portion of it.

While updating your Facebook page on Facebook itself is recommended, many businesses will still prefer to use a social media management tool for the sake of productivity and ease of use.Tap the white button to take a picture, or tap the word “video” (left of the word "normal") to add a video.Your images and videos will appear; simply select the image you’d like to use in your story.When Facebook launched, a huge element of the platform was keeping friends updated on your current mood.Now, in addition to the music section, users can pin a song to the top of their profile.

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Here we’ll look at what these musical announcements mean for you, including: Stickers have become a trend across social media platforms that feature stories.

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