Updating backtrack kernel

Everytime the system was booting I received the error: "The CPU has been disabled by the guest operating system." After hours of googling and tweaking settings I couldn't find a solution.

Frustrating but well these things happen, if anyone knows a fix I'd be interested to know.

Hopefully I can figure this out today and I'll put up a post with a step by step.

As a side note, I'm no expert when it's comes to Metasploit, I have no doubt there are probably some really easy solutions to the things above, I just couldn't find them on google.

When that’s done, run: Your new kernel will be used the next time you reboot.

If you are low on/out of space on the boot partition, you can manually delete older kernels and re-run grub-mkconfig.

Now I just need to transfer over my Windows images from VMware.

For a long while I was using BT5R1 in VMware Workstation 7 which I had upgraded to BT5R2.

I wanted to upgrade to BT5R3 but both the ISO and vmware image I had downloaded from the Backtrack site, were giving me errors.

Everything works fine from a clean copy so if I could somehow get a clean copy to load I'd be all sorted. I'd used Virtual Box in the past and found it to be fairly solid, but had switched to VMware as it's what I had used on my corporate machine.

With all the issues I had been having I thought I'd try firing up a clean version of the latest Back Track iso in Virtual Box. I felt like an idiot, I'd wasted so much time chasing all these issues, why hadn't I just done this in the first place?

Search for updating backtrack kernel:

updating backtrack kernel-33updating backtrack kernel-45

When trying to do a db_connect I received the error "no database driver installed". t=40377 I was also confused why the version in /pentest/exploits/framework was different to /opt/framework/msf3.

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