Updating a psp

the ability to extract the files from your umd and put two or three games on a memory stick to save power and eliminate the need to carry around multiple umds is very cool.

i am not sure what the legal issues are with extracting the iso from a umd you own and using it on your own device, but i treat it as i do with dvds that i own and then rip to a portable device format that i play on my memory stick.

i loved playing donkey kong country on my snes console and enjoy playing it, along with many other snes and game boy games, on my psp.

i then read that hackers finally cracked the umd format and were able to extract the iso files from the umd.

i already watch videos on my memory stick, but would love a better way to navigate in the movie itself.

Requirements: PSP Phat or PSP Slim with 3.52 M33 or higher.

if i perform the update, however, i lose the ability to play emulators and full psp games off my memory stick.

i have other devices i browse the 'net with so web browsing with an awkward input method isn't a big deal for me.

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