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"Her parties raged on and took a toll on more than just the weather clearing ponies.

Fluttershy couldn't take any more socialization, she felt herself less shy from the crowds of ponies that surrounded her for the past few days and it felt unnatural for her.

"Fluttershy strikes a slight curious look through her sloppy state."Don't ask me, Twilight didn't let me read it, just forced me to send it." he yawned and motioned for his little bed, "I'm beat, lets hope for no more parties huh?

Pinkie Pie's friends suggested more practical things such as, having one big party instead of changing the times of each little one.

Usually the pegasus pony's would clear away some of the clouds before a thunderstorm could emerge. This resulted in some rescheduling and of course, one or two after birthday birthday parties.

"She let her head droop down and gave an almost silent whimper before slowly motioning for the doorway"Goodnight then," she hesitated."You know, you can stay if you'd like! He knew Fluttershy couldn't make a mess or ruin the place in one night, it just wasn't her nature.

" Spike perked up, noticing her distress."Oh I couldn't impos-," a bolt of lightning seemed to send a shock through fluttershy, kicking her a few feet into the air, "AHH! The purple dragon showed Fluttershy to the guest bed in which Applejack and Rarity had shared one night. He blew the lights out as she sniffled and wiped away her drying tears.

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