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“We need Every summer for the past seven years, the quarterback of the New England Patriots has come to this remote island for a beach boot camp.It’s an intense part of his regimen, which has him training two to three hours daily to strengthen his arm, pack on more upper-body muscle to absorb hits, and sharpen his footwork and acceleration so that he can elude pass rushers.As Bonner unzips an egg-carton-like duffel bag with six game balls nestled inside, Brady uses a golf laser rangefinder to check the yardage. Guerrero walks down the sideline, putting down cones every ten yards as measured by Brady.The QB slips into his shoulder pads, dons a silver helmet, and warms up using a white hand towel instead of a ball.

After becoming the part of the New England Patriots team, he started playing for this team and made many records.Last season, his longest pass was 49.9 yards—by comparison, 23-year-old Bills QB Josh Allen completed the league’s longest in 2018, at 63.9 yards—yet the point of today’s drill isn’t to lengthen Brady’s throwing range but to improve his accuracy and velocity for shorter throws.He closes out the session zipping 30-yard passes to different corners of the end zone.His arm is looser now, the balls flying out faster.Brady notes the flawless passes with a “There it is.” He has thrown close to 80 balls this morning, and he doesn’t want to stop. “At football, I want it to be so right.” Among Brady watchers, there’s a belief that he’s currently crafting a second Hall of Fame–worthy career.

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