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Bits of his past have been revealed through flashbacks and dialogue.

In several flashbacks, Jane is shown taking part in a television show where he appears to contact the dead relatives of audience members.

In Red John's Rules, Sean Barlow, another psychic and a former friend of Alex, said that his grandfather and Alex's grandfather came together from Ireland to the U. Barlow, who affirmed himself to be a real clairvoyant, said also that Alex was a "wicked man" who abused the faith of people, knowing that he and his family didn't have clairvoyant powers.

Sean Barlow spoke of Alex Jane in past tense, suggesting that he might be deceased.

Patrick had what his father called "x-ray eyes," his amazing skills of observation, deduction and induction.

He had a rough existence with his father, the only adult in his life, whose treatment and use of him was tantamount to child abuse.

Jane admitted to Lisbon that he spent time in a locked facility in the episode, Red Brick and Ivy.

Patrick recovered his self-respect when he saw that the mentalist skills that had resulted in the death of his family could be used for good.

However, the timeline of the series better matches the 1969 birth date.

In the episode Throwing Fire, the date of a flashback to a teenage Jane is given as 1986.

Despite his lack of boundaries and disregard for protocol, he is valued because his tricks, ruses and mind games close cases.

His motivation in joining the CBI is to find and kill Red John.

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