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Anyone experiencing a rough patch in their relationship can use Margot’s resources and services to foster growth and understanding. Margot Ellen Brown grew her therapy practice primarily through word of mouth.She didn’t plan on it being her full-time job — in the beginning it was just something she did on the side — but she eventually realized that counseling others gave her a sense of joy and fulfillment.When he finished it 10 days later, he told his wife it was really good and suggested reading it out loud together.They read it every night, one page at a time, and the couple said it helped their marriage by reminding them of the simple things they can do to communicate and show love. Brown’s book is really insightful and offers very practical advice about getting a relationship back on track,” said Archana, adding that reading the book was like talking to a kind and knowledgeable friend.This therapist prides herself on being results-oriented, and she has written a number of insightful advice articles as well as a comprehensive self-help book geared toward couples in all sorts of difficulties.

She does this by recommending specific actions for dealing with life’s toughest issues, including codependency, childrearing, unfaithfulness, grief, addiction, and domestic violence.

Whether the reader is worried that they married a sociopath or are dealing with the fallout of a divorce, Dr.

Margot offers compassionate and reliable guidance with specific recommendations for what to do and how to recover. Margot also frequently contributes articles to Your Tango, giving her advice on everything from healthy communication skills to how racism impacts dating.

A short-term approach makes both the client and therapist accountable to make consistent progress to the desired outcome.

In other words, when the client or couple is feeling better and thinking more clearly by practicing effective coping skills, this can lead to a healthier approach to problem solving for themselves as individuals which carries over into their relationship.

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“Not only is it easy to read, but it is also easy to apply.” Ultimately, Dr. Margot has made a name for herself as a proactive therapist with straightforward advice for singles and couples everywhere.

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