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Mc Gee’s male friend was charged just .25, while Mc Gee had been charged to dry-clean the same top.While it’s illegal for your gender to play a role in determining your mortgage rate, there’s a slew of studies showing women pay higher mortgage rates than men in relation to their risk of defaulting.The “My 1st Scooter Sparkle”, the same Radio Flyer but painted pink with glitter, retailed for .99. When questioned about the price difference between the two Radio Flyer scooters, Target referred to the extra cost of the pink scooter as a “system error”. Even children’s short-sleeved uniform t-shirts showed a gender price difference, with boys’ tops retailing for .95, while girls’ tops retailed for .95.Anyone have a clue why the girl version costs extra?According to the DCA report, products for female consumers were likely to cost more across industries: Nowhere is the pink tax more evident than when it comes to personal-care products.

This includes aspirin, Day Quil, Chap Stick, gauze, Viagra, and condoms.But all hell breaks loose if an end to the tampon tax is proposed – even though a study published by the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists found that two out of three low-income women in the U. couldn’t afford menstrual products at least once each year.The study also found that tax breaks on tampons are extremely beneficial for low-income women.Twenty-five years ago, in 1994, the State of California studied the issue of gender-based pricing.They found women pay about 00 more each year for the same services as men.

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According to a report in the Los Angeles Times, because income was once a determining factor in one’s ability to obtain credit, women were often denied as a result of earning less than men.

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