States mandating era or eft

So it’s important to examine all options to reduce the rising healthcare reimbursement and administrative costs that healthcare payers are facing .Of the ever-increasing healthcare costs, how much is attributable to administrative and payment expenses?CMS encourages providers to enroll for both EFT and ERA transactions through each health plan with whom they participate.To start, you will need to know your practice's TIN (Tax Identification Number) and clinicians' NPI (National Provider Identifiers).It’s easy for medical and dental providers to be paid electronically.

Health plans are required to input the X12 835 TRN Segment into Field 3 of the Addenda Record of the CCD Addenda.Under HIPAA, all health plans, including Medicare, are required to use claims adjustment reason codes (CARCs) and remittance advice remark codes (RARCs) instead of property codes, to explain any adjustment in the claim payment.X12 is the recognized code set maintainer for the CARCs and RARCs.By supporting the healthcare EFT standard, we’ve helped to: To develop new healthcare operating rules in support of the CCD standard, Nacha worked with the Committee on Operating Rules for Information Exchange (CORE), a part of the Council on Affordable Quality Healthcare (CAQH).Nacha’s rules, which were implemented in September 2013, allow us to identify and track healthcare payments via ACH and provide for the automatic reassociation of healthcare payments with payment information.

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