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He is currently working on examining how men negotiate different dating practices in the areas of speed dating, online dating, holiday romance, anonymous sex and mobile romance.

Alongside this, he is also developing research in the field of men, risk and sexual health.

Chris Haywood is a Reader in Critical Masculinity Studies.

This project responds to the need for research that provides more empirically grounded data on heterosexual men’s identities and subjectivities (Hockey et al, 2007; Mooney-Somers and Ussher, 2010).

At present, we remain highly dependent upon media narratives that offer contradictory accounts of men’s responses to contemporary dating practices.

Alongside this , his research interests include cultural analyses of schooling and education, with an emphasis on the interplay between gender, generation and 'Race' /ethnicity.

A key part of this work involves exploring the interplay between the institutionally-led discursive formation of identity categories and how those discourses are lived out.

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