Something awful invades sony dating game

And from that body of knowledge comes , now available on PC, which translates the trials and errors of dating into a choose-your-own-adventure-style video game.

Hosted by La Ruina, it’s an episodic, live-action visual novel that preaches the importance of social cues and civility to relationship-building — for men, specifically.

If you follow his lead, you’ll cut back to La Ruina in his hosting position: the edge of a hotel bed, flanked by two women in lingerie. But then those blank-stared ladies keep on appearing, lying on the bed like lazy cats.

When at least every set of dialogue choices includes something like whipping out your dick, it becomes clear that sex is on the brain.

some of the responses were posted on something awful, and i just saved most of the screen captures.

some of them were so damn funny i literally had tears running down my face. (some of them didn't have the questions in the screencap, so i just wrote it in above them.) (From Anne_Pearson): I was making long speeches about how that guy would be punished by eternal damnation if he didn't succomb to the Lord and repent for his sins of homosexuality and how the chooser's poor grammar was an affront to the intellect God blessed the human race with and shit.

the chooser asks stuff like "if you were an ice cream flavor, what would it be? What would you do to convince me to stop the wedding?

’s levels play out as dialogue choice-based, interactive scenes.“We worked hard to ensure that the message of the game was morally positive — to show that being honest is the best way to interact with women of interest and that lying and disrespectful behavior is wrong.There are many deceitful and manipulative techniques in the men’s dating field, and nothing like that is included.” But anyone on the receiving end of La Ruina’s tactics wouldn’t find comfort in this.Richard (the “actor”) zeroes in on a girl in the hope of getting her number and ultimately into his bedroom.But that part comes later and, thankfully, happens off-screen.

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