Server consolidating disks

This VM is a Cent OS 7 minimal install (text only). The entire stun time is now 828436 microsecond, that is less than a second.

First, we took a snapshot, because even the snapshot creation requires at some point an I/O redirection from the base disk to the snapshot disk, and even if this time is minimal, it’s not zero. Think about a really active VM like database machines for example, where setup with multiple disks are pretty common: the problem here can we way worse. You don’t build a marketing campaign over them, but still they are a huge part of what makes a solution a great solution.It’s not the hardware in use, there’s no backup software involved, it’s all about the snapshot technology. This enhancement in v Sphere snapshot consolidation is to be honest one of the biggest improvement I can remember in v Sphere releases.Following procedure can be used to solve few other issues such as, Consolidate virtual machine disk files failed An error was received from the esxi host while powering on VM “VM Name” Cannot open...To check the route use following command # route To add a static route use following command # route add -net 10.230ip netmask 255.255.255gw 10.230gateway dev eth0 To add a persistent route #... Error: A server error occurred: no error message is available is mostly related to time mismatch on your v Center and PSC VMs.

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