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You should now realize that the only way to let Java/JSP/JSF at the server side pass variables to or execute something at the client side is simply by generating the HTTP response for the client side that way so that the JS action will be taken accordingly.You should also realize that the only way to let JS at the client side pass variables to or execute something at the server side is by simply firing a new HTTP request to the server side that way so that the Java/JSP/JSF action will be taken accordingly.This output will be sent over network from the server side to the client side as part of the HTTP response. If the code at the server side has done its task the right way, you should not see any line of Java/JSP/JSF code in the generated output.Open up such a JSP/JSF page in your favourite webbrowser and choose the "View Source" option (or something similar). When the server application (in this case, the webserver) has sent the output, it has finished its task of HTTP request/response cycle and is now waiting for the next HTTP request from the client side.In JS, on the other hand, there are in general three ways to accomplish this: Hopefully it's now all clear what the whole point of "server side" and "client side" is and what their capabilities are. Copyright - No text of this article may be taken over without explicit authorisation. You can copy, change and distribute the code freely. If everything is fine with your application, this will produce the following result.

Let's check first how the generated HTML output should look like then: we thus want to set a variable from the server side.

I'll be happy to follow up with a condensed version of the code if you'd care to take a look.

I suspect that the JSF Component Tree still has the old list of values and does some validation which obviously fails.

It can also get executed later when the client application receives specific events which have a JS function attached, such as onclick, onkeypress, onmouseover, etcetera.

All of those events can be specified as HTML element attributes.

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