Sccm compliance report not updating

We were protected and we had the compliance reports to prove it. What got us was a beauty: MS decided to release updates with circular dependencies.If you want the details, read my Reddit thread here. It’s worth pointing out that I don’t consider this report some silver bullet.I didn’t get all the way down to a one to one relationship between device and update because Windows 10 and Server 2016 have multiple supported versions.I didn’t want to hard code a cross reference based on build number that would be quickly outdated.As far as I can tell, my main problem getting SW patch manager going into production accepted is that SCCM is not recognising SW software updates as applicable (not installed) for 100% of the machines.Does any one know what is the best approach to troubleshoot this problem?

) to calculate the last Patch Tuesday and creates the period (ex. You can always modify that parameter if you’re a month behind for some reason.

Re-running the summarization and refreshing has not worked over a period of hours.

The client log (server1) files below: Is there any way to clear the client status on the CAS server, and is there a fault with the Management Points in not passing on the status messages? set new CCMUpdates Store = Create Object ("Microsoft. Updates Store") ' Refresh the server compliance state by running the Refresh Server Compliance State method. Refresh Server Compliance State ' Output success message.

Stuck one in a test OU with no GPOs applying and still nothing applying, opened firewall fully on another to see if it's being silly and nothing.

Strange thing is (as far as I know) all other machines before these have been working fine, and just noticed it on these ones which makes me wonder if server is having a spas more than the clients, but can't really see where to begin.

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