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Father finally convinces him to make some use of his teaching degree and accept ...

See full summary » Director: Ernie Barbarash An accountant, who never quite grew out of his awkward teenage years, finds himself with a dating coach - she happens to be his high school crush as well. See full summary » Director: Mark Griffiths A badly injured leg forces hunky fireman Jeff, who lost his father in a fire as a young boy, to rent a ground floor room during his recovery. See full summary » Director: Ernie Barbarash Straight-laced Jordan (Martin) is about to marry her perfect match, Peter (Snedeker) a clean-cut ambitious attorney.

To save face, she accepts an offer from her contractor, who secretly has a crush on her, to step in as groom and marry her.

Director: Walter Hill Jimmy, the owner of a failed music shop, goes to work with his uncle, the owner of a food factory.

See full summary » Director: Ron Oliver Widower Gill Callahan retired from the fire department after a tragedy.

Helped out by some mates, he starts a diner, offering simple food to their taste. See full summary » Director: Lee Rose With their mother dead, Emily and Ben torment their nannies to quit as fast as their father hires them.

See full summary » Director: Kevin Fair With her gangster boyfriend under investigation by the police, a nightclub singer hides out in a musical research institution staffed by bachelor professors - one of whom begins to fall for her. See full summary » Director: Bradford May A young woman moves to Los Angeles with the task of helping a famous author edit her upcoming romance novel.

Director: Howard Hawks Samantha, a young woman, frustrated by her unsuccessful blind dates, stumbles into a photo exhibition and sees and likes the photographer. While dealing with the diva's many demands, she meets two men and realizes the ...

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Director: Ron Oliver 1962, after Yale graduation, womanizing Lawrence flees a gambling debt that his rich dad won't pay.

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