Rules for dating your coworker

You can do your own digging by jokingly saying, "Everyone thinks we're seeing each other, ha-ha. " If he casts a wide grin or seems into the idea, the coast is clear to start flirting and see what happens.AVOID GETTING BUSTED Once you've gotten together (we know you'll get this thing moving), keep that info on the DL. For a thousand years the conventional wisdom has been "Never date a co-worker! We spend a tremendous amount of our time at work these days. However it is pretty obvious that both of us would be happy to be  more than friends. As a fairly new employee I didn't want to create any ripples by dating a co-worker until I checked out the situation with you.

WHEN TO COME CLEAN Most companies are lenient about dating (except between supervisors and their subordinates), says Lois Frankel, Ph D, author of "They recognize its ubiquity." But there may be rules about whom you have to inform and when.Obviously, you and Alyssa will not get it on or take any steps in that direction at work, no matter what, even on the weekend or late at night when the office is empty.Sadly I have had to fire a lot of people for that mistake -- an awkward situation for them and for me.You can date a co-worker, but you have to use your head. That is an iron-clad rule in any company that values its Team Mojo and doesn't want to get hit with a sexual harassment claim.Beyond that, some companies have policies about co-workers dating and others don't.

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