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And if not, the saga of their rumored romance is probably the best thing that ever happened to -- and to the ravenous entertainment media.Something unprecedented happened this spring when Zimbio compiled its list of 2010's 100 Hottest Celebrity Couples: Rob and Kristen's powers combined earned them a ranking of #25, but we're not even totally sure they're dating.The two acted out a love scene right then and there. Maybe it is possible to be 13 and female for a few hours after all."At the time, Stewart was dating Michael Angarano, with whom she co-starred in the 2004 film mania had been unleashed, and teenage fans were infatuated with the fictional love between Edward and Bella.Stewart credits herself with getting Pattinson on board. The film won an impressive 10 Teen Choice Awards and another five MTV Movie Awards that year, as if herds of screaming admirers weren't enough to prove the enthusiasm.Film Synopsis: After Bella recovers from the vampire attack that almost claimed her life, she looks to celebrate her birthday with Edward and his family.

Robert Pattinson stars as Edward Cullen in the upcoming Twilight movie entitled The Twilight Saga: New Moon based on the novel by Stephenie Meyer.

"So I guess the thing to do is, we're supposed to kiss each other? "But to be perfectly honest with you it takes a lot of smoke and mirrors to make us look good kissing.

And we don't want to let you guys down."Cheering ensued, and Stewart said they'd "give it a shot." They knocked their faces together several times in almost-kisses and awkward shoves before Robert grabbed her in a very brief liplock, and they waltzed off the stage. Soon after, the rumored couple stood side by side for the cameras at the June mania and romance rumors.

We look at their Google search volume, the amount of money they're raking in, how genetically blessed they are, and how likely they are to stay together -- and on all of these counts (aside from the last, where celebs in their 20s often fall short) they're dominating.

This duo have proven they shouldn't be underestimated on- or off-screen, because they've got the tween scene wrapped around their fingers.

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Once Upon a Co-Star hit theaters in 2008, but it had been in production since 2004.

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