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It allows other members to know they can put more trust into what they’re seeing.It’s also important that you only connect with member who have verified their profile.This can be you passport, driver’s license, or national ID card.In the last section of the profile area is the IMBRA tab. It asks questions about criminal history and marital status.Be sure to upload photos that show how you look right now. These matches may not be very accurate until you complete your entire profile.

Also, if you’re someone from the US or another country looking to date an Asian man or woman, be sure to read my guide to long distance dating. Overall Rating This is my overall rating of each feature of this dating site.

Doing this will help you connect with other singles with similar interests.

This is another layer of their matching system and taking the time to complete it is crucial.

Under the personality tab you will find seven questions that will help you share more of who you are.

These are questions in which you will have to write an answer and are NOT multiple choice.

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