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Self-identified incels usually stress looks as the most important.

The PUA (and therapy) industry is dependent on trying to make people think they can cheat lookism to a large extent.

A flip of the hair to hands on your hips, how you move and gesture, or even which direction your toes point say as much (or more) as what comes out of your mouth. Continue reading Online Dating 101 Look for Red Flags Your online profile is your time to shine.

So for instance, the PUA would emphasise the words, "LICK," and, "MY", plus, "COCK", hidden in a conversation stream to supposedly 'program' the target to eventually perform fellatio on him.

Manosphere It is argued that PUA communities combined with the internet are ultimately responsible for the rise of the Manosphere in general.

Puahate The first website where what we now know as the Blackpill was widely expoused was the forum puahate.com, which original purpose was the expose "the lies and scams of the PUA industry", eventually morphing into a manosphere forum where a major theme emerged of women being primarily attracted to a man's LMS (looks, money,status) in other words his "objective" value to women in opposition to more vague concepts like personality and game.

RSD PUA Julien Blanc caused mass outrage among feminists online when videos of him choking random women during cold approaches went viral.

Many PUAs also used to advocated more hardcore techniques to break past what they called 'last minute resistance' (a woman backing out of prospective sexual intercourse at the last minute) like man-handling the woman or exposing yourself to her, in other words committing acts of legally defined sexual assualt.

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