Problem updating iphone 3gs to 4 3

While GLBenchmark and Geekbench scores remain unchanged from i OS 5, improvements made to Safari's Java Script engine continue to benefit the 3GS just as they benefit newer models.While i OS 6 doesn't slow the 3GS down compared to i OS 5, the phone is still getting pretty long in the tooth—three years is a long time in technology.On the 3GS, getting directions from your current location brings up a list of driving directions that you can swipe through to see where you're going—swiping from the left brings up the next step, and swiping from the right brings up the previous one.There's also no button to tap to bring up all of the steps at once, which seems like an odd omission to me.You don't have much to lose if you upgrade a 3GS to i OS 6, but there's a lot more to gain by investing in a newer device. The CPU is better in the i Pad, but the device has the same amount of RAM (a mere 256MB).I still heavily use my original i Pad, having decided to wait until the 4th gen to update, and I've found the RAM issue is a far worse problem on it than on a 3GS due to the larger assets used for 1024x768 resolution i Pad apps (whereas the 3GS is just 480x320).

Aside from the growing list of features restricted only to newer phones, the i Phone 3GS actually gets most of the new OS's tweaks and refinements—i OS 4 set expectations low on the i Phone 3G by excluding some of that version's best improvements, so it's nice to see the older handset so well-supported in this case.The downside of that approach is that only Apple gets to decide if your hardware is worthy of an update.This can cause two problems: the first is that owners of not-so-old devices can be left with old software, as is happening to owners of the original i Pad (which was, believe it or not, still the newest i Pad available just 18 months ago).Now i OS 6 is here, and the i Phone 3GS is in a similar position: it has just come off the market, and it's using less RAM and a slower processor than the other supported devices.Does i OS 6 make the i Phone 3GS an unusable mess, or can people with older phones perform the update without reservations?

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