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Here’s a sample profile of a person who has been successfully verified with LGBT Protection: Due to numerous reports of scammers and criminals preying on LGBT dating site members, most website owners implemented a system that verifies members before being able to interact with others.LGBT Protection ID has been around for years now and it’s been used worldwide mostly by gay dating apps to filter real people from bots and fraudsters.Profile Watch Just as neighbourhood watch helps keep an area safe, our profile watch and profile reporting feature allows members of our community who are concerned about a particular profile to report it to us for investigation.If you have any concerns whatsoever, about any aspect of your experience on Morak, you can chat with us. Do you want to discuss membership subscription issues? Just login to your account, activate the chat app and you can chat with us.Nothing beats good old fashioned human ingenuity to spot scams and potential fraud. We have over a decade of experience in online dating, so we are well placed to share dating safety tips accrued over the years with you.Our moderators are online dating safety experts, they go through each profile with fine-toothed comb and approve ONLY genuine profiles. We know where the scammers are, we know how to avoid them.Is your gay date asking you to verify your identity or provide an LGBT Protection ID (Name, Age, and Photo verification) first before meeting up?Due to a widespread online dating scam targeting the LGBT community, members from gay dating sites like Grindr, Gay Friend Finder, Adam4Adam ask their online date to verify their identity first to ensure that they’re safe before proceeding with online and offline encounters.

In this article, we will explain to you everything you need to know about this safety ID for LGBTQ dating sites.

Most importantly they are not in the LGBT Offender list.

It’s basically an extortion scam, the scammer will contact the victim (most commonly gay men) and ask him to exchange nude photos and videos.

We know how to keep ahead of other online dating fraud, and we are happy to pass on our tips on how not to fall for their con to you.

We have invested in some of the best anti-scam software in the online dating industry, just to ensure we catch potential scammers, fraudsters and fishy-looking profiles.

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