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I believe I read somewhere that Matsujun said he wouldn't do HYD unless, Oguri was in the cast with him. I don't know personally since I never met him to ask that question.Plus, they did Gokusen together, so they worked together before, so they probably are friends. On the save side I think he is not gay because he is marrying his girlfriend Yuu Yamada.

No...there is a rumor going around that they are...it's probably because of a picture taken with the two of them together but that was because they were promoting their drama and they happen to be in the same fujitv show actually im sorry but what i know is "no" cause maki is too busy with work. In the interview of her the host ask her what is the initials of her boyfriend and she answer it "S. And take note yamapi is not toma ikuta's best friend yamapi's best friend…

he never moves away from Mao and he welcomes their skinship unlike with other people where jun usually moves away... bye ---------------------------------- anonymous says: NO, jun and Mao are not dating..

The cast of Rinne - 2005 includes: Takako Fuji as Hotel Maid Yasutoki Furuya Atsushi Haruta as Norihasa Omori Kiyoshi Kurosawa as professor Kawashima Marika Matsumoto as Yuka Morita Tomoko Mochizuki Shun Oguri as Kazuya Omori Hiroshi Okazaki Mao Sasaki as Chisato Omori Tetta Sugimoto as Tadashi Murakawa The cast of Hana yori dango - 2005 includes: Ayano Mark Chinnery as Secret Service Agent Aki Fukada Kento Handa Tomoharu Hasegawa Mao Inoue as Tsukushi Makino Mako Ishino Mariko Kaga Michiko Kichise Susumu Kobayashi Emiko Matsuoka Nanako Matsushima Monta Mino Aki Nishihara Shun Oguri as Rui Hanazawa Natsuki Okamoto Gregory Pekar as Secret Service Agent Mayumi Sada Ayana Sakai Meijin Serizawa Saki Seto Miho Sugiura Takayuki Takuma Satoshi Tomiura not really, i think he hasa relationship with inoue Mao, co-star in hyd..they have the same rings..maybe they're together. yes they have some random sameness but they're not together..

News of their relationship had surfaced just one day earlier.

While most popular young celebrities generally refrain from acknowledging their romances, Oguri proudly declared Yamada to be his "very precious girlfriend." He even mentioned that he was so excited to appear on the front page of a newspaper that he picked up ten copies.

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