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It is technically impossible for Whats App to identify “lewd” content in specific messages and then remove it — Whats App is encrypted, which means that the company cannot screen the content of messages sent between users.Users are free to share with each other anything they find online.It is unclear why the music platforms are suddenly accessible, GV’s Mahsa Alimardani writes, leading some Iranian netizens to speculate it may have been a mistake, while others see it as a move to loosen restrictions on Internet content.The Spanish activist group #Akelarre Ciberfeminista put together a feminist self-defense kit to combat cyberbullying online.The filing focuses on the exchange of information between UK and United States intelligence agencies.The coalition includes Privacy International (UK), the American Civil Liberties Union, Amnesty International, Bytes for All (Pakistan), the Canadian Civil Liberties Association, the Egyptian Initiative for Personal Rights, the Hungarian Civil Liberties Union.(The original post has 510 upvotes and 23 downvotes) Sources: Pann [ 339, -1] E’Dawn and Hyuna must have had to buy Hui beef everyday. [ 41, -0] I wonder what Triple H will become if the two break up.[ 329, -1] If she did it to E’Dawn too often it would be too obvious, that’s why she does it to Hui, too. He must have known about Hyuna and E’Dawn’s relationship already.

The company, which is owned by Facebook, did not see this as an empty threat — authorities blocked messaging app Telegram in July 2017 due to concerns of terrorist activity on the platform.The music streaming sites Soundcloud and Spotify are now accessible online again in Iran.However, Spotify’s internal corporate rules still explicitly prohibit Iranians from using its services, for reasons the company has never officially explained.He could face up to six years in jail under Indonesia’s Cyberlaw.Police warned that nine other individuals will be charged for violating the anti-defamation provision of the Information Technology Law (ITE) for sharing the photo and associated memes on social media.

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