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You can take a few different approaches to incentivizing employees to come under budget: a. A company like Rocketrip utilizes an algorithm to estimate average budgets for a given trip, and then offers ways for the traveler to come under that budget. Dan Ruch, the founder and CEO of Rocketrip, cites Google as the “template for modern travel management.”Any Google employee that comes under budget for their business trip earns credits that they can use for upgrades on future travel. Mobile apps from Egencia, Concur, m Trip, and our own Claire all offer these business travel services.

Fifty percent of the money saved goes back to your business, and the other fifty percent is gifted to the employee as a cash reward. This model works, Ruch explains, because “Googlers are motivated to save today so they can splurge tomorrow.” c. Tap into your employees’ competitive streaks and establish a tournament of travel expenses, wherein the person who saves the most for their round of travel wins a prize and also advances to the finals at the end of the year (where you will of course dangle an awesome bit of bait). If you’ve been using the same travel management company for years and your service package hasn’t changed, it may be time for an upgrade. It’s important that you regularly evaluate and update your travel policy in order to take advantages of emerging technologies and travel innovations that could help save your company money.

Go a step further and conduct regular audits of your audits and other managerial procedures.

It’s just as important for you to clean up the system and make sure required forms really should be required; employees get refunded in a timely manner; your HR manager isn’t in cahoots with your head accountant and robbing you blind…OK, that last one is unlikely, but you get the idea.

Instead, create a blanket “save everything” policy that requires travelers ask for and keep hard copies of any and all receipts, tickets, passes, and other documents associated with their trip.

Everything should be turned in with their expense report.

As a manager overseeing employees that travel for your business, there’s a lot you can do to increase efficiency, decrease spending, and help both your employees and your business thrive.

After implementing Fond, CSD’s engagement scores jumped to over 70%.

(Hint: if you fall asleep while reading it, your employees will too.

And if you haven’t already, check out our guide to writing an effective travel policy or download our free travel policy template!

Gamification is an opportunity for good-natured competition and camaraderie, bringing together your employees as they reap the rewards of their frugalness while also working toward a common goal. Part of this responsibility lies with your travel management company, but don’t wait around for other people to make suggestions.

For more tips on incentivizing your employees to spend less on travel, check out our article on how to incentive travelers and boost policy compliance! Anyone could tell you that companies like Uber, Lyft, and Airbnb are changing the landscape for both business and personal travel, and that by expanding your employees’ travel options, you can reap savings.

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