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I allow myself to remain temporarily closeted, forcing myself to play at being straight or gay in order to get my foot in the door.For bisexual women working to overcome the patriarchal myths that say we’re “really” just straight women playing at being queer, we frequently have to hide our true selves in order to meet people we actually want to.You are now their experiment for a bi-curious phase or someone they resent because you can date All The People, even if you’re only dating One of The People.Your sexuality will be perceived as a threat to their options as a heterosexual woman and at some point, they will get drunk, turn into Katy Perry, and “try you on.” It will not be pretty.Part of the problem for bisexual women is that we’ve had increased visibility without the attendant increase in understanding.There are any number of celebrities now identifying as bisexual and speaking up about bisexual issues. I came out of the closet at the end of 2013 and hadn’t dated anyone in my life until 2011. Since 2011, I’ve had several relationships, gone on a lot of dates, and consider myself something of an experienced serial monogamist.

There’s a persistent myth that bisexual women will cheat on lesbian women, most often with men.

Our experience with The D will mean that we will eventually perceive something missing in our relationship with a woman and that will lead us to go chasing after it, regardless of individual morals.

This means the queer women you do match with may not take too kindly to you revealing that you’re actually bi.

Bisexual characters are appearing more and more often in popular texts.

But bisexual women remain an object of interest and fetish, and a lot of that image has leaked down into our dating activities.

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