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If her relationship at the moment is serious and she is happy, i suggest you do not get invovled and move on. If you are considering a serious relationship with someone you should simply get to know them. You don't have to ask them word for word, but just infer and consider the following before getting into a seriously relationship with someone: Do you trust this person with anything? i think you know when you're in a serious relationship when it has been going on for a good length of time and you both trust each other and are at ease around each other e.g you can say or do anythin in front of them without worrying what he/she might think It's different for everyone depending on how they look at it.You just know that it's getting close and personal.When you no longer feel the following about someone: safe loved (you don't feel that they love you) respected or when you don't feel like you are getting what you need/want out of the relationship.Remember, never end a serious relationship with someone without talking to them or trying to work on things.Though it might turn out he really just never thought about it but he does want a future with you. you can tell if he is acting serious and never laughs or smiles when you tell him something important or serious if your invited over see how he treats his mother or sister then you know how well he will treat you in a serious relationship.

If your boyfriend starts spending more time with his friends, or seems less interested in doing things as a couple in general, he might be getting tired of the relationship.

This way you will know by his facial expressions and his body language if he is stringing…

If you are in the friend zone with someone, and want to move further with your relationship, there are things you can do to move past that.

think you should ask is what is his plan for the future. Ask him where he thinks your relationship is going and what he expects of it.

if you are in his plan it means that he want something serious with you if not it doesn't mean you are not in a serious relationship, but you should be really careful. If he has never thought about the future he'll struggle with answers and you'll know he's not serious.

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