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Another picture rep- resents a peasant toting home a load of grain. The face of the well-to-do pro- prietor is precisely that of John Bull as depicted by Punch ; put the figure into a bo1)-tail coat, tights and top-boots, and the resemblance would be perfect.

Then we have an economical method of spreading the liquid manure over a field.

Dodgell Z COOL CAPTAIN, THE [.onisa Chandler Moulton Ti^ CRACKTHORPE AND WEEKS Charles D. Chair FOR December 129 Chair for March 5G3 Chair for January 275 Chair for April 707 Chair for February 41 7 Chair for May 850 EPISODIC FARMING D. The land is of volcanic origin, and the entire surface belongs to the tufa and diluvian forma- tion.

Drawer for December 133 Drawer for March 507 Drawer for January 279 Drawer for April 711 Drawer for February 421 Drawer for May 854 EDITOR'S EASY CHAIR. Japan is the land of sudden tempests and earthquakes.

HISTORICAL CONTRAST 530 HISTORICAL MYSTERY, A 334 HOW I OVERCAME MY GRAVITY Fitz James O'Brien 779 HOW MR. Yeddo, being almost in the centre of the empire, presents a foir mean be- tween the extremes of the north and south.

Foster 381 GOLDEN WEDDING, A Samuel Osgood 637 GULF, THE Caroline Stichiey 93 . Alger 119 JOHN HEATHBURN'S TITLE Fltz Hugh Ludlow 341, 465 JOURNEY TO THE SOURCE OF THE NILE A. Japan, from its climate and soil, is wonder- fully adapted to be the home of a frugal and in- dustrious people.

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