Issues with dating a single parent

The way to avoid this, is staying in touch with your ex.The two of you could also set up some ground rules, for instance only allowing your children to do something, after you have both agreed.You may feel like an emotional mess after the separation.It is not uncommon to feel lost in trying to go on with your life.My mantra will always be: lead with love and you will be heading in the right direction.

Despite of the divorce, your children still need to behave, have good grades in school and be respectful towards you and others.Ideally, despite of being separated, you would be able to speak to your ex on how to raise your children and combine your efforts as parents, to work as a team.Nonetheless, there are instances when that best case scenario doesn’t work out, for one reason or another, and so you need to be fully prepared for the challenges of being a single parent.If you can’t stand to be around your ex, then try to ask a member of your extended family to mediate conflict and pick up your kids on weekends for instance, or just talk to your ex through texts and e-mails, rather than phone calls or in person.Although this may present a significant challenge, remember that remaining civil with your ex, for the sake of your children, is the most wonderful approach you can have after the dissolution of the relationship.

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