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The next day, Michael woke up with a severe drug hangover, and Lisa took him to the hospital. They left the hospital and went to a nearby gas station in West Homestead.According to Lisa, he became increasingly agitated.Pittsburgh investigators believed that the delay seriously jeopardized their investigation.The Pittsburgh Police Department went to Baldwin to determine why there was a delay.According to official records, it had been in a lot since the day Michael vanished.Maurice could not understand how the police department had the car in its possession for three months and did not realize it.He then told her that he needed to borrow her car and left her stranded at the station.

However, during the early '80s, the form of discipline known as "tough love" became widely used.Baldwin's police department claimed that they mailed Lisa a letter about the car a day after Michael vanished. When they produced a copy of the "letter" Lisa still claimed that she never received it.Maurice believed that the letter was just one part of an elaborate cover-up by the Baldwin police regarding his son's disappearance.Michael did not arrive at his parents' home and was never seen by his family or friends again.His parents waited all night for a phone call from him. Barbara did not believe he would vanish voluntarily because he left behind money in his bank accounts and clothes in his closet.

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The car was located by Baldwin police officers just two hours after Michael was last seen.

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