Iphone email not updating

Mine earlier today for the first time decided to redownload all my emails when I click on a new email.

As for safari - it could be the webpage, or that you're in an area with a bad wifi or cellular data connection. I have however been using yahoo on the Mail app for the last 7 years without problems.

This could be because Wi-Fi or your cellular connection is playing up, or because you accidentally left Airplane Mode activated.

This will reset your mobile data connection, and hopefully you'll get a better signal.

There can be a few reasons for this problem, such as your connection being erratic or an issue occurring with your Mail settings.

I’ve tried deleting the account and signing in again but doesn’t work.

Also Safari always gets stuck when I want download a new web page, the blue progress line gets stuck about a quarter away across the screen and just gets stuck and then eventually downloads.

I hope this could be solve whether by apple or yahoo. I don't know if this is a yahoo issue or a phone issue.

It’s supposed to be simple to be able to retrieve your mails from one place/app without have to download any other particular apps. But I bought an i Phone X (10) and a i Pad last weekand the i Pad is loading up the emails on yahoo , my Mac is loading up the emails, but the phone is not.

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