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By the third day after hatch, the chicks have doubled their mass, which doubles again by day five and again by day eight--about the time when the young start producing their first noticeable pinfeathers.

Chicks are in the nest for almost three weeks--making the total elapsed time from egg-laying to fledging about 5-6 weeks.

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In an interview with You Tube about Teenage Dream in August 2010, Perry revealed that "Hummingbird Heartbeat" was one of the first songs she wrote for the album after she finished her Hello Katy Tour (2009).

The sound of the male's wings are particularly loud in courtship flight, which may be accompanied by vocal chittering.Only one egg would not maximize the female's reproductive potential, but three would produce too many chicks for her to care for successfully.The nest, constructed from spiderwebs and plant parts, is adorned with bits of lichen that make the nest very difficult to on the nest for about 50-55 minutes out of each hour.It is suspected the male with whom she mated allows her passage into his feeding territory, so she does not have to search far for food and her time off the nest is minimal.In does leave the nest to forage, she collects nectar, pollen, and tiny insects in her crop and returns to the nest, where she regurgitates the energy-rich slurry into the mouths of the nestlings.

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and I don't know if you know but hummingbirds are supposedly good luck and I was just thinking about hummingbirds. From February 20, 2011 to January 22, 2012, Perry embarked on the California Dreams Tour, where she performed "Hummingbird Heartbeat".

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