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Met good, hard working guys who were honest and just 'normal' who I didn't click with.

Met the guy I'm currently seeing on POF and we are like two peas in a pod.

The less time spent invested in a person before you date them, the better.

It really depends on what you're looking for, but for me, Okcupid is the way to go.

I had lots of first meetings, just coffee usually which is the ideal first meet early on.

I find the quality of matches shit and it's waaay more difficult to strike up a good convo. I don't really use it unless a potential date wants to show me what kind of crazy shit they're into. I use to pay for lavalife, but I have no clue about how well the paid sites work.

I've had amazing success on Craigslist, but you really need to understand the ropes. I have a feeling they're mostly bunk, but can't confirm.edit: ultra-ultra-ultra-ultra-crazy ex.

POF's UI is trash and frankly the original dev should be ashamed. I've only got nasty with one chick off of there.

It could have easily beat the piss out of every other site put together. I find a lot of crazies on FL and it has nothing to do with the kink.

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Met my last two long term girlfriends on there, and am currently dating some really cool women. Met him on POF and it's been happily ever after.

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