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Chris Hogan’s wife is lucky to have a professional athlete so devoted to her. They spent the off-season in New York while he played on the Bills. They bike together, hike together, and run together outdoors on trips. Chris documents their time together on social media fairly rigorously. She’s definitely focused, and determined though, so if anyone can make it work, Ashley can.

It’s hard for us, being away, to balance having twins, dogs, the house, the list goes on and on.

In January of 2015, the couple traveled to San Francisco for a vacation.

Rarely do I see an NFL player who documents his relationship so thoroughly. Actually, I think it’s possible their time in the New York City area lasted a lot longer than your average vacation.

Personal blogs, small start-ups, stay at home mom, taking extra classes, charity…. The Boston Globe recently did a profile on the couple.

Chris was not shy to let it be known how much he appreciates everything she does.“Ashley’s made countless sacrifices, put up with me being all over the country, training camps, being away six months of the year.

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Chris Hogan’s wife Ashley Boccio has a stressful life. We’ve written almost 4,000 posts on the life and times of the spouses of professional athletes. In addition to balancing being the wife of a NFL player, Ashley is about to finish her residency.

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