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The software offers a “set it and forget it” type of calibration with industry standard controls and the ability to assess to a certain specified tolerance.

It can calibrate loggers directly in the software and communicate with industry standard or leading metrology equipment.

Details In the food processing industry, we need lethality data to know whether the product is safe to eat.

DT Pro software is 21CFR Part compliant and has the ability to maintain regulatory compliance while processing and handling data.

Whether it is for an initial equipment and process validation or for yearly equipment qualifications, maximizing efficiency while maintaining that strict temperature accuracy (0.1° C) is critical to a successful project. Details All food plants in the US perform distribution and penetration studies by utilizing a Process Authority (PA), who then files the results with the FDA and/or the USDA.

Distribution testing can be needed for many reasons that include, but are not limited to: New retorts/autoclaves New loading schemes New container New racking/holding system for container…

This is an efficient solution for a reporting engine with no post-processing required.

Time and energy spent post-processing data in excel or other calculation software can be put elsewhere while the DT Pro software does that work for you.

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There is a requirement to perform As Found results before use in EO, because once the gasses have affected the sensor, you need to prove that it was in calibration the next time it is used, right before use.

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