Google now not updating sports

Then, near the bottom, you can add a description-this time with bold, italics, and underlined text along with organized and bullet point lists.

Standard keyboard shortcuts work here, too—press You can then see all the event details—including attachments and links—by clicking on the event in your calendar.

Google Inbox started the trend in late 2014, followed by Google Forms and Google Contacts.

Google Calendar now joins the gang with a new design that's similar to the old app, infused with Material Design style (and a bit of AI to make your events more fun—no, really). Click that, and seconds later your Google Calendar will be upgraded with the new design.

• Gboard — access Google Search, right from your keyboard.

Now that you're in, here's how to get the most out of Google Calendar's best new features: Note: Our screenshots include the view: a new Schedule view that can show you and your colleague's calendars side-by-side.

The next day my feed came up w an article abt how google missed the boat on security and how thousands ( ) of ppl were being hacked bc of something google did or didn’t do...

They said it was a specific weakness if u have and use google...

It works best with G Suite accounts in a company where everyone's calendars are shared.

Add your coworker's calendars from the left sidebar, then select the view from the menu in the top left of Google Calendar.

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