Girls like fat guys dating

A survey result about the same was done and it was found, 67% men worldwide, prefer to have sex with a woman who is healthy and fat rather than a skinny one.

If your girlfriend is so fit and in shape, there is a constant pressure on you to maintain yourself.

Just imagine how guilty you will feel about being the 'not-so-figure-conscious' one in the relationship.

It's much better to be with a girl who has a huge appetite so that your meals are guilt-free!

If you are foodie then you really know what we are talking about.

Do you really want to be with a girl who orders a green salad every time you go out dinner and you are hogging on a chicken burger?

Skinny girls aren't that tempting when it comes to the bedroom!Well, I’d say he better be pretty tough, if only to survive all the punches to the gut he gets when he says loudly that he’s only into “fit girls who take care of themselves.” 14.“They can cook.” So, fat girls live in the kitchen and love nothing more than cooking comfort food for their man?By that logic, bigger dudes should be 5-star Michelin chefs.Honey, I expect a 5-course gourmet meal by six tonight, kthx. “Calorie counting is out.” His whole argument boils down to one word: Pizza.

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