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However, love can be selfish and many women are ruled by their feelings and emotions— these emotions don’t care if you’re under stress, women are going to let you know when they’re unhappy.A reward/punish strategy needs to be implemented again in this circumstance.)At one point I got to thinking and noticed a common theme in these altercations and that is when she drank alcohol, we argued.A woman will only put up with so much weak behavior before she will leave.)There is only one reason why a man’s girlfriend will pull away from him and that is because she’s lost attraction for him.So if you really do want to get your girlfriend back, then you need to know what you can do to get her attracted to you again.

a tub or tubby is a fat kid that doesnt know how to get off his fat butt and go do something with his life like workout or get a girlfriend instead of sitten on the couch eaten chicken wings.

Notice how you say, “she failed to entice me to ask for her hand in marriage! Because you knew she was acting in a toxic and unattractive way.

You knew that she was bad wife material at that point.

She became distant around May she broke it off with me.

Chris, I begged and pleaded for her to take me back, which we both were crying, but she said she didn’t love me anymore and for me to move on.

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U get a fat girl by firstly befriending her & later establisht an intimate relationship outside of sex with her.

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