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If you have a relationship/dating question I can help answer, you can send me your letters at Your website has helped me a great deal in the past (he wouldn’t even pay for my Mc Donald’s birthday lunch) and I come to you again with another peculiar love situation. You can also follow along on Facebook and Instagram.He stood you up for your third meeting because the sex between you on your second meeting wasn’t any good and he probably assumed — and probably rightfully so — that your heart wasn’t into having sex with someone you only just met and that you were looking for more than just a physical connection.He’s in touch with you now because he’s horny, he remembered how you met and how you did have sex with him at least for a minute, and he figured it was worth checking in to see if you might be up for trying the sex out again. And here you are, talking about how you deleted his number and “tried to move on with your life,” as if it took effort on your part to forget a guy you hardly knew at all.

I have been in a relationship for about five months now.

Here you are talking about how he is likely to “break your heart,” this guy you barely know, if you see him again. Talking about telling him of your recent accomplishment, strategizing how to connect with him and then disconnect with him, explaining how you “form attachments very quickly.” Someone who forms attachments very quickly shouldn’t be cruising fuck-buddy sites and meeting up with strangers for sex.

Someone who forms attachments very quickly shouldn’t reconnect with a man who hurt her after two measly non-dates.

I caught my boyfriend of three years cheating on me Valentine’s night. This whole bullshit that ) His crap that it’s not what he DID, but your potential REACTION to it? So, in my opinion, what you were trying to do in that ill-considered email blast, was take back your power and assert some form of reality. I hope the result is that a few people have reached out to let you know they care. Maybe if you stick around and shut up, he’ll cycle through OW six-through-ten!

When I caught him, he said, “You’re hard to tell the truth to,” then he ran away from me.

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who disrespected you, risked your health by fucking around, and topped it off with egregious mindfuckery.

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