Friends to dating transition

Instead of going to his house, go out to see a movie.Or instead of having dinner at home, go to a romantic restaurant, dress up, and go on a real date.Just hanging out and doing what you did as friends won’t feel like dating.As friends, it’s likely that you’ve complimented him in the past.First and foremost, before either of you decide to really go through with this transition, make sure that you’re both ready and willing.If you’re the one pushing the subject and your friend is just going along with it, things are not going to end well.In the past, since you and this man were friends, it was okay not to shave your legs for weeks and it was okay to meet him in your pajamas to go grab a coffee.However, now that you’re dating, you’ll want to make sure that you’re doing whatever you can to impress him. Make sure that the two of you are impressing each other.

Routines and relationships don’t often go together.Don’t rush the first kiss and don’t rush each other to do things between the sheets.At the same time, don’t be pushy when it comes to emotions either. As friends, it’s likely that you two had plans on certain days of the week to hang out together or as a group.Maybe his cologne smells really good or maybe he was dressed up really nicely one day and you told him. In the beginning, holding hands in public or kissing each other may be a little awkward for the two of you since it’s entirely new from just being friends.Just because you’ve told him in the past and just because you’re dating doesn’t mean that the compliments should end. However, PDA is one of the things that will allow you two to really feel like a couple.

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When you were just friends, it was okay to hang over at his house for a couple of hours watching a movie.

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