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Besides, let’s face it: we never completely saw eye-to-eye.

Case-in-point: for months you’ve been saying I spend too much time online, and that my resultant “lack of sunshine” and “severely limited social interactions” have clouded my judgment and even caused me to lose touch with reality.

” Sorry, honey, but I far prefer Janessa’s brand of questioning: “hey maybe my new friend, are u ready to have some FUN?!

Just recently you noodged, “Dear, it’s been several years…perhaps you might think about applying for a job?Like Pyramus and Thisbe, those star-crossed lovers of Roman myth separated by a wall, Janessa and I may be apart but “our Spirits are very much Unity…and 100% free to Join! As a sane man, I realize it all has to end—our marriage, that is.For starters, I took the liberty of calling off dinner with the Richardsons tonight, citing conflicting RSVPs.For in fact, you’ll be pleased to know I’ve never technically “met” Janessa.As a faithful husband committed to our vows, I have yet to reply to her emails (which Gmail, obviously jealous, marks as “SPAM”) or accept her chat requests, much less —the way most people do. But she knows how I feel, through a telepathic bond even deeper than words.

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  1. I guess my question is, when the right guy does come along, how do I navigate the inevitable “So hey, I’m a 38 year old virgin who’s never even had a date. The funny thing about dating, relationships, love, attraction and all the rest of it is that we’re bashed over the head quite a lot from a young age with the notion that it’s universal and tends to happen in one particular linear way.