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Hardy climbed up, but Christian stopped him and brought him down. Christian climbed a ladder again, but Rhodes shoved him down with Christian landing onto Show on the floor.

Christian went up leading to Matt bringing him down. Ziggler sent Kingston face first into the ladder a few times, Ziggler reached up, but Christian stopped him and Christian slammed Ziggler off the ladder. Rhodes with a springboard kick on Kane, Kingston with a Trouble in Paradise on Kane and Hardy with a Twist of Fate on Kane.

That was a huge spot with Mc Intyre landing hard through the broke table right by the announcers.

I remember The Miz as WWE Champion well because I was covering Raw full time by this point. Jerry Lawler was one of his first challengers because WWE did such a poor job of building challengers.

Lawler at the Elimination Chamber PPV before Wrestle Mania.Kingston worked over Drew with punches followed by a Trouble in Paradise kick.Kingston climbed a ladder and hit a Boom Drop that put Mc Intyre through the table.This is was the first match on the PPV and they were competing for the blue Smackdown Money in the Bank briefcase.Here are the order of entrants for this match: Kofi Kingston was up first as the Intercontinental Champion, Dolph Ziggler was next and Christian made his entrance for his fourth MITB match.

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Instead, they went in a completely different direction.

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