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It worked for me, In eclipse: Window SVN: select SVNKit (Pure Java) instead Java HL(JNI) At my day job I sit behind a corporate firewall protecting and caching web traffic (among other things). But sometimes it rears its ugly head and stands firmly in the path of what I am trying to do.

Earlier this week I was trying to look at a cool new general validation system for Cold Fusion called Validat, put out by the great guys at Alagad.

I have found that I can't check out internet based SVN projects at work because the firewall blocks most HTTP commands.

If you keep getting the error, it is probably an issue with your proxy server.On a recent install I tried the "beta" drivers (I have Eclipse Ganymede and "SVNKit (Pure Java) SVNKit v1.2.0.4502") that you can optionally install with Subclipse and they worked pretty much straight out of the box, although a colleague found he had to go through a few hoops to make sure Eclipse installed them (and their dependancies) correctly.Here are the packages that appear in "Help" - These are probably a little out of date now, and the latest version will probably work better, but this is what I can see working right now.Trying to check out the files using SVN from the command line should tell you if that works.If SVN can't connect either then put the proxy settings in your servers file in your Subversion settings folder (in your home folder).

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I started getting errors abou the "RA layer request failed" and "svn: PROPFIND request failed on /Validat/trunk", followed by an error about not being able to connect to the SVN server.

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